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Signature that colour…

From Gucci’s red and green to Chanel’s black and white,a long history of signature colours exists. Ever imagined you could have that one colour that defines you?A signature colour?

Of course not to be confused with a favourite colour, that is basically a colour we have idealized to find visually appealing.  We all have  favourite colours, that goes undisputed, however I will explain the nexus between the two later on.

Personally, white is my favourite colour, I am attracted to anything and everything white but  regrettably it cannot be my signature colour, though sometimes I wish it was 🙁 .

White is a very difficult colour to work with, making it a signature colour can be a teeny weeny tricky. I try very hard to incorporate white in everything I buy and design but still fail to achieve ‘signage.’

So, what is a signature colour?

A signature colour is a colour that is  woven in over time to cultivate an ambience of belonging. A hue that makes you more vibrant, and can be easily identified as authentically you.

To achieve a signature colour, you must be able to identify a favourite colour and stick to it. Shopping can be much easier and faster when you know exactly what you are going for,and in this cutting edge era, researching and planning with colours we want is not exactly rocket science.

Knowing my signature colour has saved me lot of time and money, a lie, maybe just money because I don’t go buying anything that looks good. Which is a plus for me because I hate clutter, and no one loves bric-a-brac stuff anyway.

I am literally struggling to put my house together because my signature colour (white) is proving difficult to work with and it has been a haze  finding another colour to work around. So as it stands la lucha continúa (The struggle continues).

Tip: Find a favourite colour and just work with it, no shortcut here. Sorry.

The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you-Coco Chanel





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6 thoughts on “Signature that colour…

  1. Very very nice. Indeed many mistake their favourite colours for signature colours. You put it so eloquently. Great piece. My signature colours are yellow and white.

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