Knock knock…

I recently watched the movie Joker and thought it the most crazy thing I have ever seen. For those wondering, Joker is a mega classic DC comics villain loved by most and misunderstood by many. Joker as played by Joaquin Phoenix is the ultimate representation of chaos and anarchy in society and

Game of Thrones

The great finale is finally here and we cannot keep calm about it. It’s been 631 days since Game of thrones last aired an episode, but who’s counting? This beautiful series is coming to an end and the feeling is bitter sweet; I desperately need to put my anxiety to

Obsessed with Mittens

My obsession with mittens started when I watched Game of Thrones in April. It was winter and people needed to dress warmly, just but giving a few details about the series. But as I watched on, I saw an opportunity to try something new, different and crazy. So what are mittens