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Ruffles: Part one

Personally I am an avid frill fan, and when this trend made a dramatic comeback to the fashion scene, I had to savor all of it. Small, large, subtle or voluminous, ruffles serve as a focal point to any outfit and can satisfy anyone’s fashion palate.

The crinkle details add a dramatic flair to an outfit at the same time still remaining soft and feminine. With this kind of outfit you are sure to get lots and lots of compliments as you go.

The best part about ruffles is that they look good with just about anything, and I am happy to announce this trend isn’t bouncing out anytime soon.

On this particular outfit I went with a white ruffle top and a maroon ruffle skirt, I found the combination flattering.For the top, I started from scratch and made it all the way to the amazing finish.

However, for the skirt, I bought an oversized skirt and modified it to fit me and added the excess material to make the flirtatious ruffles as you can see below.Maybe sometime in future I can talk about how I modify most of my clothes and style them.

Ruffle up, twirl and shimmer.

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Photo Credits: Michael Dollar

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22 thoughts on “Ruffles: Part one

  1. I love fashion Yes , and I love your creativity ..all the way up push on and don’t stop❤️ ,next thing your English (had to use my dictionary all the time ).

  2. Hi Lolita,
    I like your art especially on the top, you are doing good but I would like to see the skirt. Take some pics of the skirt while standing. Keep it up my Cuzo

  3. You got it girl…keep it up.
    I want to make an order. Ni Doroh classmate I need your contacts

  4. Great stuff….very very impressive keep it up..Great things always start small but persistence is key.You’re talented greatly.😊😊

  5. So beautiful, I love the design and fit’s you perfectly.
    Have you ever thought of modelling??

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