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Into the woods

Fashion is a deep sea of creativity and design, many dive in and few are victorious.Creativity is like an adventure into the unknown, to find your own identity while exploring infinite ideas in entities yet to be uncovered.

I am off to testing the limits when it comes to fashion because I do not want to sublimate my spirit to some kind of group identity, I believe in minutiae.We all need that one thing that identifies us from the crowd. I am a big activist when it comes to fighting conformity.

Life is full of many battles and we often forget to acknowledge and appreciate what we have accomplished. We often make wrong turns trying to reassure people that our costumes of identity are on straight.

We forget to live. Decide, first who you are, then titivate your path accordingly.

On this particular post I decided to put together a white on red combo, but the combination of these colours in a palette symbolizes creativity and idealism.

As I had said before, we need to live more and that having been said I dived right in out of my comfort zone with my short skirt and long very long legs as you can see below.

Love life and life will love you back.

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Photo credits: Michael Dollar


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