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Intimate Chokers

I’m in love with classic looks. Why? Because they are timeless. You know the vintage type that will still be in style 10 years from now. One look that stands out for me is chokers.

Chokers were mainly made for high fashion purposes and were predominantly worn by wealthy French women in the early 18th century.

Today, chokers are still as trendy as they were back then and they are a great accessory to add to your collection. They can spice up your look and make them go from dull to fabulous in a snap of a finger! Whoever invented chokers was God sent.

Chokers are wonderful because they are simple to accessorize. This made them a must add to my craze list. They come in a variety of styles and materials like: silver, gold, metal, velvet, beads and even plastic. Perhaps you own a choker or two in your closet.

You can accessorize chokers in any outfit so long as they blend in, however, color blocking makes chokers more conspicuous. To give the look extra punch, you can even add a hair bow(s) (as I did in the photos below).

My fashion tastes are cut and twisted. I love to experiment with anything and everything. And what better way to explore this than to make my own fabric chokers. For this project with chokers, I decided to focus on fabric chokers. I was a little extra with the sizes of the chokers and bows.

It was an ambitious venture as you can see below but I always enjoy a good challenge when it comes to fashion.

The procedure was not much of a hustle although I failed several times before actually getting it right.It was all worth it!

Check out the photos below and let me know what you think, will you?

Fashion is all about image. Give them a lasting one. Make them not just glance but stare…

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Photography by Unilight Media






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  1. Wow Lolly this is pure creativity!! I love your articulation of words and your passion for fashion,go girl! The world is your oyster!! 😍😍

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