Olive yourself…

‘Eyes on the stars and feet on the ground’ is a quote by Theodore Roosevelt that often comes to mind whenever I think of broadening my spectrum. It is important to master the art of balancing your goals and actions in order to live passionately and do what you want in

Knock knock…

I recently watched the movie Joker and thought it the most crazy thing I have ever seen. For those wondering, Joker is a mega classic DC comics villain loved by most and misunderstood by many. Joker as played by Joaquin Phoenix is the ultimate representation of chaos and anarchy in society and

Ruffles: Part one

Personally I am an avid frill fan, and when this trend made a dramatic comeback to the fashion scene, I had to savor all of it. Small, large, subtle or voluminous, ruffles serve as a focal point to any outfit and can satisfy anyone’s fashion palate. The crinkle details add a

Into the woods

Fashion is a deep sea of creativity and design, many dive in and few are victorious.Creativity is like an adventure into the unknown, to find your own identity while exploring infinite ideas in entities yet to be uncovered. I am off to testing the limits when it comes to fashion because

Game of Thrones

The great finale is finally here and we cannot keep calm about it. It’s been 631 days since Game of thrones last aired an episode, but who’s counting? This beautiful series is coming to an end and the feeling is bitter sweet; I desperately need to put my anxiety to

Retro my style

Style and class attracts all kinds of crowds. Retro fashion is slowly creeping into modern trends, bringing back to life a century considered archaic. Retro fashion existed in the 20th century, looks ranging from laced hemlines, funky graphic designs, multicolored oversize coats, bomber jackets and not forgetting the very popular geek

Intimate Chokers

I’m in love with classic looks. Why? Because they are timeless. You know the vintage type that will still be in style 10 years from now. One look that stands out for me is chokers. Chokers were mainly made for high fashion purposes and were predominantly worn by wealthy French women